A Thank You Gift To Our Fans!



(a thank you gift to our awesome fans)

Dearest fans,

A couple of weeks ago, we were stuck in the middle of New Mexico at a junk yard with a blown transmission and no way home. We put the word out ("ummmm heeeeey fans.. now would be a greeeat time to download something.."), and in one day we raised enough money in downloads and straight up donations from our website to get home. On top of that, Rocky Doll drove 14 hours in a rental van to redeem us and drove us 14 hours straight back to Austin. That's 28 hours. YOU FANS really pulled together for us, and we are so incredibly grateful - and MIND-BLOWN - totally in awe of your generosity...

Now here we are in the midst of the Wayne Static tour... IN OUR NEW MARSHMALLOW VAN! YEAH!!! Thanks to you guys and our moms (and our friend Andy!!!), we bought a used cargo van for $2,500 from a handyman on Craigslist. It's doing great, too! We're out here on tour in the middle of Montana, and it's running like a champ! Rocky even built a bed in it for us!!!! Pics soon on facebook. :):) It's SWEEEET!!!!

Anyway, back to the New Mexico story... As soon as we made it back, I sat down at my piano (another fan gift - thanks Kileen Dolls!) and wrote this song... Jason recorded it in the very same evening - as wildfires made their way toward our home. We evacuated that night with help from some good friends, Jonny and Crystal.

(OUR HOUSE SURVIVIED BY THE WAY!!!!! Came close, but we were very fortunate.)

Enchantment is inspired by and dedicated to YOU, the special fans who act as patrons of my art. I can't fathom any performer in this world having a more loving fanbase. I'm SO LUCKY!!!

This song is for you guys - all of you, whether you helped out with the New Mexico thing or not. You guys are constantly supporting us in some way..


As always you can pay whatever you want if you feel like helping us out with gas money, or not at all. Please feel free to enter $0 in the price box, as it is meant to be a gift. I want every fan to have this one in their collection - and to be proud to be counted as one of my precious muses, patrons and friends. I'm ever-humbled to have your support.

With Love and Gratitude,


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October 04 - Colorado Springs CO - Black Sheep
October 06 - Lubbock TX - Wreckers
October 07 - El Paso TX - Trickey Falls
October 08 - Albuquerque NM - Sunshine Theater
October 09 - Tempe AZ - Marquee
October 10 - Hollywood CA - The Key Club

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