SURPRISE!!! Here is another thank you gift to our wonderful fans.. We wish we could hug every single one of you right now!! This will have to do for now. :D

As usual, you can choose to download this songy at any price - even free - though we really appreciate donations! We want all of you to have our music no matter what, cause WE LOOOOOoOooOoooOooOVE YOU!!!


Photo by Sara Bonavita

This song is called, "Mirror Mirror". I wrote it after having a dream about making out with David Bowie (who hasn't?!?) - aaand I was a man. It was all very complicated, but that's the main idea. Inspired by the experimental elements of the dream, we sampled a weight room in the old church where we recorded the song (at Sylvia Massy's studio in Weed, CA). All of the cool industrial metal sounds you hear are us banging on everything clinky that we could find.. We spun giant weights like coins, banged on stuff with hammers, threw things... YayYY!

Funds from this release will go toward getting us back to Texas to prepare for our tours with Wayne Static and Cold!! We're crashing in super fan and very patient friend Rob Ross's apartment until we raise enough money with this single (and the Craigslist music gear section) to drive home to Austin... hopefully starting today. :D You could be a part of our super exciting journey - our exodus from Hollywood! Yeah!!!!


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