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About Dirty:

Junior and I recorded this album with Sylvia Massy's amazing vintage equipment in Weed, California at RadioStar Studios. With our friend and engineer Zak Stirling and the blessing of the great Sylvia Massy, we were in great company. 

We played the guitar and drum parts together old school in an abandoned church to capture our natural live groove. There were weird organs and all sorts of fun stuff for us to play with in there, and we took full advantage!! These songs resonate with darkness, dirt and the spirits who live in that old church turned studio.. I can literally smell the place when I listen to these songs. 

This album is really gnarly and raw, a little bluesy and VERY dark.. It's serious and brooding.. kind of calls back to our Sabbath, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd influences. We couldn't help but revisit a couple of our classics in this style. You will hear three familiar tunes that we have always wanted to record in this way, and the rest is completely new stuff - some that I've been holding onto for years for the opportunity to record vinyl, and some new that I wrote just for this project. It's all INCREDIBLE sounding, so real you can taste it. :) Hope you all enjoy experiencing this music as much as we love creating it.

xoxoxo, kimberly

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