The New One-Eyed Doll Music Video Will Premiere In A Virtual Insane Asylum Friday October 26

What more could a band wish for?

We're releasing our brand new video IN-GAME.. In fact, it's being premiered in a virtual insane asylum. The mad geniuses at Artix Entertainment have devised an incredible live event based on the Committed video concept, complete with character voice acting from the band!

From AdventureQuest Worlds Design notes: 

There will be even MORE in-game music by One-Eyed Doll -- and an entire CD release!! The first small batch of Something About a Dragon CDs will be sold exclusively at HEROMART and live shows, and the download will be available to fans at our MUSIC SITE.

We'll also be releasing a special EXTENDED DIRECTOR'S CUT of the video on our Youtube channel and the Committed single on our MUSIC SITE.

We're so grateful to the Artix Entertainment crew for bringing us into their family. We hope you'll all join us Friday!

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